If you’re looking for ordinary, you have arrived.

4 Sep

Well, I guess I picked an odd time in my/our life to start blogging. No, we aren’t pregnant. We aren’t traveling the world, doing mission work, and neither of us are battling an illness like the blogs I typically read. This is actually the most settled that my husband and I have been in a few years and life has slowed down a little.  So, of course, I have opted for this oh-so-exciting time to start sharing some of my inner most thoughts with the world.

I have no idea how to use this really.  It sort of reminds me of myspace, which I quit a few years ago because of the creepfactor. So, please bear with the scrappy posts and lack of photos for a while until I figure this out.

So, with that, I will share a few things with you.  1) With each passing Friday evening, I continue to accept the fact that I am “old” in terms of my social life.  I not only embrace staying home, wearing sweatpants, having a glass of wine, and “catching up” on work around the house, I look forward to it.  I know…who am I? 2) I am pretty content with how everything is going for us- my husband and I.  More than once this week, I have stayed up later than I wanted to because one of us was cracking jokes as we tried to fall asleep.  In spite of all the things we wish we had and are working to do, that- right there- makes me feel like the most fortunate lady in the world.  This current existence has been a long time coming, as most of you know.  We’ve been through a long distance marriage, job search(es), starting a business, moving, sharing Phil’s childhood bedroom, and moving again, only to land our own little piece of happiness.

I’m not gonna lie and say that life is all dolphins and rainbows here on Chapin Street. But, it’s pretty close.

If you’re still reading, thanks.


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