A Few Gems at Jewel

11 Sep

It’s Friday and my husband’s been in bed for an hour.  Me?  I am still unwinding from a hectic work week.  Between the two jobs, I put in a lot of hours. It was one of those weeks where you wake up in the morning and give yourself a pep talk just to get in the shower.  But I’m not the only person in the world who works hard, so enough about that.

When I got home and started blabbering about my day, my conversations, and my drama, it only took about 4 minutes before my husband and my dog kindly told me (nonverbally) that I had interrupted their peace and needed to calm down-preferably in another room.  So…naturally I went grocery shopping at 9pm to help me unwind. 

Anyway, on my Friday night adventure to Jewel, I saw a few things that distracted me:

1) A teenage stock boy’s legs sticking out of the section with the paper products.  I slowly strolled by with my cart, which had only 3 functional wheels and drug the fourth like a club foot.  Well, the club foot was not so stealthy and managed to jostle the boy, who apparently was texting….in and among the paper towels. When we made eye contact, I was embarrassed for him, so I quickly took my club foot cart onto bigger and better things, like napkins.

2) The cutest 70+ year old couple having a laugh over canned vegetables.  My first thought was, “Wow, they look so happy together”, which is an accomplishment when you’ve been watching the same person clip their toe nails for the last 50 years. My second thought was, “What are you crazy kids doing awake this late? Don’t you know Matlock was on 4 hours ago? You should be in bed.”

These are pretty insignificant things, I know. But there are so many moments like this  that are just better when you tell someone else.  These make for some of the best stories when I get together with my friends.  You have any of these everyday gems to share? I’d love to hear them.


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