High, low

12 Sep

One of my favorite ice breakers to open one of my classes with is the “high low” game.  (Side note: Ice breakers are generally terrible, so I gain a lot of points with students at the start of each semester by making fun of them, then subsequently threatening to do them.  One ice breaker threat that is always good for an uncomfortable laugh from the class is “Do we need to make a human knot?”  I digress….)

Anyway, for this game, you just say the high of your day then the low of your day.  If I have remembered to buy candy before class, we do another version: Say something that was sweet about your day and take a Hershey Kiss from the bag, then say something that sucked (or was “sour” if you have a PG-13 audience) then take a Lifesaver from the bag. 

So, for me, today’s high was sipping coffee on the sun porch with my mom.  My parents were able to come visit us for the first time  since we moved here last night/today.  They’ve had health issues that kept them from traveling.  Mom and I drank our coffee in pajamas, gossipped, and got quiet whenever a male tried to enter the room.  It was glorious. My low, however, was about 15 minutes ago when I discovered my husband unintentionally locked me out of the bedroom and is now sound asleep.  We’re talking I-just-ate-a-huge-burrito-and-had-a-couple-of-beers-type-of-sleep, so there is little chance of waking him.

But before my dog and I give in and sleep on the futon in the guest room, I’m going to find some pots and pans to bang together to see if I can stir him.


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