Hasta la vista, nubs.

19 Sep

This shameful photo was taken this evening- September 19, 2010- upon the declaration of war against my insatiable, subconcious urge to bite my fingernails.  I have had enough.  They are pitiful to look at and the habit is just plain sick.  So why in the eff do I still do it? 

In most other capacities of my life, my adage is “If you don’t like something, change it.”  I am not one to sit idly by when I know there is a better way to do something or if something can be prevented.  Whether at work, in my personal life, or when I’m trying to help out a friend, this is just how I roll.  (Note: this is why I am a terrible person to ask for advice.  I will tell you what I think, if you ask me, and then if you don’t do anything to change the situation, I can no longer listen to you vent about it.  I have zero patience for things that seem to have real solutions sitting right in plain view.)  Yet, for years- like since I grew teeth- I have continued to nibble my “nubs” as my friend Danielle so lovingly refers to my fingernails.  Well, one exception was when I went through a two year acrylic nail phase, which is no longer an option due to a massive mortgage payment 🙂

Not anymore.  I am done biting my nails.  I am a grown up; I pay taxes and meet the age requirements to rent a car.  Therefore, I am going to have hands like a grown up and also stop ingesting insane amounts of germs via my constant hand-to-mouth contact. Blech.

I am vowing to post periodic photos of my reconfigured nubs as the nail growth ensues. 

Wow, this is turning out to be such an exciting blog 🙂


One Response to “Hasta la vista, nubs.”

  1. Danielle September 20, 2010 at 4:46 am #

    I’m so glad we have come to see eye to eye on this. I will be expecting a back scratch next time I see you….if I feel the touch of chiseled skin that is your “nail”, as opposed to real fingernails…I will first vomit, and then reprimand you.

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