Preparing to ‘Fest

21 Sep

In just over 12 hours, the 5 day haze known as “Corn Festival” will commence here in Morris.  I’ve been coming up to Motown for Corn Fest long before I became a Wilkinson and would consider it one of my favorite holidays, next to my birthday of course.  This ridiculously busy event is, as my friend Madison described in her blog, “the time in which the entire town of Morris forgets that they are civilized and drinks on the street, eats mass amounts of fried food and takes far too many vacation days in a row!” (Sounds strikingly similar to my hometown’s Burgoo, without all the drinking in the streets since we only have a few streets in A’ville.)

This is my first Corn Fest as a Morris resident, so naturally, I am planning to follow suit by taking half a vacation day, eating sick amounts of greasey foods on a stick, and hosting people at our home prior to Saturday’s festivities.  I’m also going to squeeze in running the 5k (before I eat those sick amounts of meaty, cheesey goodness on a stick of course) and putting in some quality volunteer time for one of my favorite charities, Grundy-Three Rivers Habitat for Humanity, which is raffling a 2010 Camaro on Sunday!

So stay tuned for this week’s Corn Fest-related posts, which may be difficult to understand because of my cholesteral binge.


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