Travel, soup, and not raking the leaves

9 Nov

Just as I swore I wouldn’t do, I have neglected our (well, actually “my”) blog for the last month or so.  I wouldn’t say I’ve been too busy to update, but I have been too busy to feel like updating lately. You see, when I’m not at work, grading something, teaching something, or volunteering for something, and I have the option to just sit on my couch for a precious hour or so and indulge in an episode of “Sister Wives”, I often choose poligamy reality television over productive things like updating this blog.  So, it’s not an excuse; it’s just me being honest.

Yes, I just used a semicolon in a blog post. I’m that much of a dork.

So old boy and I have had a full schedule the last several weeks, making October- and so far, November- a pretty fun month for us.  We went back to our undergrad college for Homecoming, visited my family in Arenzville/J’ville, went to a family wedding, went to a bachelor party (Phil, not me), dedicated a Habitat home, hung out with friends in Motown and out of state, celebrated Halloween a few times, made soup (Hey, I can list it, it was an all day affair.) and a bunch of other  fun things that will lead to us developing laugh lines at an early age. 

To sum it up, I will say that we have been busy doing everything except raking the leaves in our yard.  This totally shows and I think we are the outcast of our block because of it.  There is a distinct line on either side of the house where the neighbors have picked up every leaf in their own yards and may have snuck over into our yard at night and emptied their leaf bags.  We only have like 2 trees. It’s so bad here that I wonder if my sixty and seventy-something-year-old neighbors actually drove around town in an old conversion van stealing other people’s leaf bags just to sprinkle them about our yard.

So I promise to get back to business and start updating more frequently.

Oh yeah, and I still bite my nails…. 😦


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