8 Mar

Like most mothers, my mom Barb is my biggest fan.  Let me qualify that by saying that my husband likes me a lot more than most people in this world.  But when it comes to the details of my recent trip to Old Navy, latest accomplishment at work, or dilemma over dishsoap, my mom is all ears regardless of the topic.  She intently listens, gives her thoughts if asked, or reassures me, depending on what I need.

Don’t get me wrong and say what every daughter is thinking right about now- yes, my mom has her quirks.  She can also set me off faster than a dead battery on my remote start, but I know I can do the same to her. So it’s fair. However, when it comes to a mother-daughter relationship, 9 times out of 10, I couldn’t be luckier to have Barb.

This isn’t the first time during my blog’s short life span that I have devoted an entire post to a Barb love fest, but this time I want to focus particularly on a one-liner from my mom that I will hang on to and invite you to do the same.

During a recent “I’ve never been so stressed/the world might end/I am doubting my own abilities and mad at life” talks on the phone, my mom offered this little gem to go along with my self-loathing: ” Well, if you are so confident you are going to fail, then you might as well have a great attitude along the way. It’s hard for people to be mad at someone who is enjoyable to work with.” Well said, B.  (And don’t think I missed your sarcastic tone when you pointed out that I’ve made up my mind that I am going to suck it up. I get the message.)

She quickly changed the subject afterward to the garage sale we are planning this spring.  This tells me two things: 1) She has nothing more to say on this topic. 2) She has probably been buying things on major markdown in hopes of putting them in this garage sale and making a profit.

I wish that last part was a lie, but she has probably been “scouting” good garage sale items. I know her all too well.


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