About Me

Articulate do-gooder. Wife to a chiropractor. Mother to a bulldog.

I started this blog back in 2010, maybe out of boredom and with no clear intent. For about a year, I logged random thoughts and stories because I felt compelled to write and share. Plus the price of WordPress was just right!

Today- March 2014- I retrieved the password I had forgotten and am back to writing, this time with a new purpose. I’ve felt compelled to get back to blogging for a while. Dozens of metaphorical blinking signs have been affirming my internal voice that won’t stop reminding me of this abandoned blog! So I’m back, but with more purpose.

Loving life in 2014

Loving life in 2014

I’m embracing all the things I thought I needed to change for years- my naivety that I really can leave this world better than I found it, my belief that people are really good at heart, that sneaking suspicion that all the artificial stuff we eat and ingest isn’t really good for us, my appetite and short legs, and my hunch that there is more to life and my identify than a 9 to 5 gig that pays well. I’m starting to get it- that I’m not defined by a thing I achieve and that there is no “arriving” at my destination. It’s a process and a journey, and that’s the part in which we have to find joy.

I’m listening, reading, learning and wondering these days with a curiosity I’ve never had. This blog is a place to reflect, challenge and engage. And laugh. A lot. 

I invite you to join me on this never ending journey of self-discovery and world betterment. Comment, repost, tweet me or just read and let it fester in your own mind. Perhaps we’ll learn something from each other. At a minimum, maybe you’ll get a chuckle out of my wonderfully imperfect life.

Here goes!



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