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He Got To The Other Side

25 Apr


Yes, oh yes. I couldn’t whip my phone out fast enough to snap this golden nugget. A chicken crossing the road, to get to the other side, while making appropriate use of a crosswalk, mind you. Sadly, this may have completed my trip to Key West.

I hope you enjoy this a tenth as much as I did.

PS- He made it safely to the other side.

10 Tickets to Paradise

22 Apr

Sunset View In Key WestLast week, my husband and I joined 8 of his family members on the island of Key West.  This was our first vacation since we got married almost 3 years ago. Neither of us had been to Key West before.  We had such a good time- ate great food, enjoyed a maragarita (or 7),  lost track of time, stayed up late, took in the sites, and came back with a rather bronze hue on our Anglo Saxon skin.

If you’ve never been before, I would strongly recoomend a trip to Key West….but not for 8 days.  The human body is not supposed to live that lifestyle for such a long period of time.  Plus, the island is only 1 mile wide by 4 miles long, so it’s pretty easy to see it all in a few days. Regardless, it was absolutely wonderful.  It was cathartic for both of us worker bees to get physically away from all things work-related for so long. The sand, sun, and memories made with family helped give us some perspective.

One thing I wish I would have known about this island paradise before traveling there is the chickens.  Chickens are everywhere and roam the streets like pigeons do in other cities.  They also start cockadoodledo-ing at around 5am every morning.  The first morning, it was kinda cool. The second morning, I wanted to march into the street in my pj’s and give them all a stern talking to.  By the third and fourth mornings, I was plotting terrible things for anything that so much gave a hint of a doodle-do.  Since we don’t do too many exciting things, I have to ration my fun among as many posts as possible. With that in mind, I’ll post a particularly hilarious chicken pic tomorrow.

It’s hard to do justice to the time we spent with family on vacation, so I thought I would share a few pics to help explain.

Living the Dream  Phil caught this nurse shark- no joke! 


12 Apr

I have thought about this blog 15 times for every one time I’ve posted in the last 6 months. I know I need this space, but I’m just not sure why. I am a born communicator. I have a million thoughts a day- jokes that sometimes people don’t get, brief spurs of brilliance that leave my coworkers speechless, and moments of hilarity (i think) that a hidden camera should have captured. But I need to blog, and my blog needs a focus.

I am inspired by my friend Emily’s new blog which explains her sometimes unseen struggles with life as an adult with Type 1 Diabetes. It’s called Darn You Pancreas(Pats self on back for helping her think of that clever name.)

I’ve know Emily almost my whole life- through the diagnosis at age 6, through the birthday parties where she had to go without cake, through the highs and lows (literally) and through the independence she found in a special pump. Yet, I’m sure I still take her disease for granted.

I’m inspired by her willingness to share about such a big part of her life in hopes of helping others.

I’m not sure I’ll make a big of an impact with my words as you will, Em, but you have sure inspired me to give it a whirl.


Here’s a pic of the two of us on the biggest day of my life, which Emily of course, was a part of.

Know how I know we’re lame?

9 Jan

Because this is one of the highlights of my night. Seriously, if one of us is not working late or at a meeting for a volunteer group (ok, that’s always me), then our evening usually consists of a few chores, catching up on our days, a trip to the gym and enjoying the shenanigans of our dog.

Speaking of his shenanigans. tonight while my husband tried to relax and stretch out on the floor (we have furniture, I swear), JJ decided to lick his bald head incessantly. He was
really getting after it. In guessing there was 20 lbs. of pressure pushing on Phil’s sweaty head. And instead of helping, I just giggled like a child.

So for all of you who have demanded more blog posting. Take some solace in the fact that this is the type of excitement you are missing.