Sunday Serenity

20 Feb

The combination of sweatpants, couch time with my guys, a good cup of coffee, and my husband's sheer giddyness for the Nascar race are just too much right now. Just as I was about to burst into song to express my happiness about this peaceful Sunday, I opted to blog. It's the simple things in life that are so rewarding, like this tough guy under a blanket, who is positioned strategically between his parents like a church camp counselor keeping two teens apart. Happy weekend, everyone!


Recent Ramblings

9 Feb

Hello faithful blog readers (aka: Wes),

I don’t have to point out that it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  It certainly hasn’t been for a lack of topics or happenings, but can be accredited instead to laziness.  Like most of you, the holidays were a pleasant blur for us.  We spent our time traveling, indulging in carbs and wine, and enjoying the company of our family and friends.  We wrapped up 2010 feeling pretty blessed.

Then the new year rolled in and we resolved to live healthier, take better care of ourselves, and lose weight as a result.  Well, today is February 9 and I devoured a cup of apple cider and a carmel candy bar for dinner, so you can see how well that worked out! Actually, these last few weeks have been doozies for me with long work hours, so I gave into days of temptation.  All in all, we are still holding strong on the “be healthier” resolution.  Old boy is down about 12lbs. and I have managed to shake a healthy 5-6lbs. (depending on the weight of the earrings I am wearing).  We are going for quality, not quantitiy.  Little Caeser’s has started texting us to ask if we are mad at them…that’s how you know we have made some real changes.

What else is new? Well, like everyone, we have started dreaming of summer because this cold weather is miserable. I try to battle the frigid air with coffee, fleece, and staying on the go. I’m not teaching this semester, which is nice, but naturally I have taken on more volunteer responsibilities both here in the Mo-town community and back at our alma mater.   

So this is turning out to be a not-so-exciting “welcome back” post, huh? In a final attempt to win your heart back, I’ll leave you with a few recent, random thoughts from today:

1) I cannot, for the life of me, buy more than a few bananas at a time.  They go bad so quickly, and I just can’t make the commitment.

2) I’m not sure how I feel about all the reality shows made out of random jobs or hobbies. I’m talking about American Pickers, Storage Wars, Auction Wars, etc.  They take a 10 minute span of someone’s life and dramatize it into a 30 minute show that keeps me on the edge of my seat.  “Will the elderly southern hoarder sell his antique Ford sign for $20 or $25? I can’t take the suspense.” I feel like you don’t even have to be that unique to have your own show any more. “What? You’re a midget? You get a tv show.”… “Oh, you’re a midget and a doctor? That’s a completely seperate show.”….”You’re shopping for a wedding dress? Easily another show. If you bring your b*tchy family member, that’s at least an hour episode.” Don’t get me wrong, I watch most of these, but I it depresses me a little that I’m just watching other people do normal stuff like it’s so interesting.  My life blows these shows out of the water some days. If I could narrate my work day and trips to Wal-Mart, and film live convos with my dog, I’d be bigger than Tila Tequila. Throw in a couple original songs I write while getting ready in the mornings with my old boy and TLC couldn’t even handle us.


23 Nov

For 1.5 more hours, it is my husband’s 28th birthday.  He’s not one for birthdays really, but I enjoy counting down the days, plotting gifts and dinner plans, and reminding him all day that he was, in fact, born on this blessed occasion.  I mean, we all get one special day that’s ours each year, so you gotta make the most of it.  To me, it’s a day to do what you want, not get nagged for leaving clutter on the kitchen counter (not that I would ever do that), eat some sweet goodness without guilt, and pretend not to love the shower of attention. Maybe that’s childish, but it’s just how I roll.

Anyway, he would never admit it, but I think my old boy really enjoyed his birthday today, which makes me feel victorious.  While at dinner with friends tonight, we were emphasizing the fact that he is 28…2 years from 30….7 years from 21….and the oldest of his circle of friends.  Twenty-eight does feel a little old- not like a mid-life crisis or anything, but it definately feels like an age where you should have your sh*t togeher, you know?

Well, maybe not.

Just as I was shutting off the lights and following him up to bed, I received a prank phone call from my now 28 year old husband…who was upstairs. Ironic? Yes. Wonderful proof that we will never really “grow up”, but instead will someday have our own children to embarrass with our shenanigans?  You bet.    

Happy Birthday, babe. I couldn’t ask for more.

Travel, soup, and not raking the leaves

9 Nov

Just as I swore I wouldn’t do, I have neglected our (well, actually “my”) blog for the last month or so.  I wouldn’t say I’ve been too busy to update, but I have been too busy to feel like updating lately. You see, when I’m not at work, grading something, teaching something, or volunteering for something, and I have the option to just sit on my couch for a precious hour or so and indulge in an episode of “Sister Wives”, I often choose poligamy reality television over productive things like updating this blog.  So, it’s not an excuse; it’s just me being honest.

Yes, I just used a semicolon in a blog post. I’m that much of a dork.

So old boy and I have had a full schedule the last several weeks, making October- and so far, November- a pretty fun month for us.  We went back to our undergrad college for Homecoming, visited my family in Arenzville/J’ville, went to a family wedding, went to a bachelor party (Phil, not me), dedicated a Habitat home, hung out with friends in Motown and out of state, celebrated Halloween a few times, made soup (Hey, I can list it, it was an all day affair.) and a bunch of other  fun things that will lead to us developing laugh lines at an early age. 

To sum it up, I will say that we have been busy doing everything except raking the leaves in our yard.  This totally shows and I think we are the outcast of our block because of it.  There is a distinct line on either side of the house where the neighbors have picked up every leaf in their own yards and may have snuck over into our yard at night and emptied their leaf bags.  We only have like 2 trees. It’s so bad here that I wonder if my sixty and seventy-something-year-old neighbors actually drove around town in an old conversion van stealing other people’s leaf bags just to sprinkle them about our yard.

So I promise to get back to business and start updating more frequently.

Oh yeah, and I still bite my nails…. 😦


7 Oct

This post has no point other than to say that my dog is spoiled and that my life has been busy, but too lame to post about lately.  Here is a typical after work snack type of moment with my furry son and I…

“Mom, please. You know I don’t eat tortilla chips.”

“Oh you got salsa con queso? Si, por favor.”

Secrets Make Friends

29 Sep

My sister-in-law got me started on the blog postsecret, where people send anonymous postcards to a person in New Jersey who posts them on the web.  Some are hiliarious, some are weird, and others are just plain sad.  Knowing that it’s someone’s innermost secret- one that they have probably shared with no one- makes the site really fascinating. 

I should be grading papers right now, but instead, I read the blog and got inspired to post a few secrets of my own.  (Grading can wait until 20 minutes before my husband gets home from bowling, so it looks like I was busy all night.)  Here are a few secrets about me that I’m not ashamed to share:

  • When I don’t know the answer to a question or am just flat out wrong in an argument with my husband, I often respond by making fart noises on my arm.  It sometimes distracts him from the issue, but always pisses him off.
  • I would prefer a meal of box macaroni and cheese over meat and potatoes from a restaurant. In fact, I often order meals that are socially acceptable rather than ones I actually like.
  • Not only do I enjoy prank calls, I am really, really good at them.  Like, I could quit my day job good at them.
  • Just about every day, I find a reason to do high kicks.
  • I sleep with the thinnest, rattiest pillow at night, which I lovingly refer to as “L.P.” (It stands for “little pillow”- obviously).
  • Someday when I have vast amounts of money and time- you know, because that is likely- I want to work for myself, as a writer and a photographer..and a professional speaker (because there’s such a demand for that??).  And I want to own a camera that doesn’t have duct tape on it.
  • Thinking about being a mom someday makes me nervous.
  • I am not sure how much longer I can make it in life without actually learning to cook something.
  • I don’t mind that my dog drinks out of the toilet.  I actually flush it for him so he can gets the freshest water.
  • I pass off cookies from a mix as homemade by adding a little vanilla extract. Works every time.
  • I skip washing my hair whenever I can just so I can sleep later.

If you’re still reading, I would like to hear about your secrets.  Post one as a comment maybe?  Just sayin’.  Secrets make friends.

Success and failure

27 Sep

I need to come clean about two things since my last post- one success and one failure. 

For the failure, Danielle is going to beat me and others will chastize me (rightfully so). I have set myself back at least another week with this screw up, and hate to admit that this mistake is actually physically painful…..

My thumb- purely a nub again.

On another note, I had a major success this week.  I ran 3.2 miles without stopping in just over 32 minutes at the Corn Festival 5k.  As a husky kid who has never had any sort of athletic prowess, stamina, or worth when it comes to activity, this is a huge accomplishment and I feel pretty good about it. I might even do it again. 

Just before my first 5k!  Our dog is showing his support by sitting on my feet with an erection.