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So It Begins…Again

17 Mar

This message has smacked me in the head repeatedly in clever ways over the past few weeks. I guess I can’t yet wrap my head around the purpose for getting back to blogging, or why I have stayed up ’til 11:00PM updating this site. But I’m here and I have stuff to say. So keep your ears perked because after I get some sleep, look back over everything tomorrow night and find the typos, I’m going to say some stuff. And it will feel good. And you might need to hear it. Or maybe you’ll just find it entertaining.

At a minimum, I know my friends and possibly only followers Wes, Emily and Courtney will find news of a new post in their email tomorrow, after a 2 year hiatus, and be delighted. They may even mutter a curse word. So it’s worth it.

I showed up. That’s step one, right?