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Fur Baby

10 Nov

People often ask me when we are going to have children. I get that. We are 28 (old boy is a few weeks from 29). We have stable jobs. We have been married a few years and have a home if our own. Sounds like we should be procreating, right?

Well, a major factor to be considered is this guy.

We got our Olde English Bulldogge JJ about 4 and a half years ago. Phil wanted a dog and, as a poor chiropractic student, had been saving up change for a couple years. He wanted a dog that looks tough, had personality, and would be man’s best friend. Well he got all of that except a best friend. JJ looks to Phil as his authority, but his softhearted mama is his go to person when given a choice.
(Note that I didn’t want a dog at all. Hair, drool, and buying something to rely on me for 10+ years was not appealing.)


Actually, as I’m typing this right now, JJ is curled up by my legs underneath a blanket. This guy has a face that makes you forget he just chewed your running shoes or humped the leg of a visiting friend. This guy is our fur baby, and the only one we plan on raising for a while. Allow me to better express this through imagery….




More photos are always available by request. Seriously, I have many more photos. If this whole “working for a living” thing doesn’t work out, I’m just going to make and sell calendars, and tshirts with this guys mug on them.

Between his constant desire to cuddle, need to be cared for, antics, and insistence to get between us during the slightest display of affection, JJ has decided for us that a fur baby is all we need for right now.