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Know how I know we’re lame?

9 Jan

Because this is one of the highlights of my night. Seriously, if one of us is not working late or at a meeting for a volunteer group (ok, that’s always me), then our evening usually consists of a few chores, catching up on our days, a trip to the gym and enjoying the shenanigans of our dog.

Speaking of his shenanigans. tonight while my husband tried to relax and stretch out on the floor (we have furniture, I swear), JJ decided to lick his bald head incessantly. He was
really getting after it. In guessing there was 20 lbs. of pressure pushing on Phil’s sweaty head. And instead of helping, I just giggled like a child.

So for all of you who have demanded more blog posting. Take some solace in the fact that this is the type of excitement you are missing.


Sunday Serenity

20 Feb

The combination of sweatpants, couch time with my guys, a good cup of coffee, and my husband's sheer giddyness for the Nascar race are just too much right now. Just as I was about to burst into song to express my happiness about this peaceful Sunday, I opted to blog. It's the simple things in life that are so rewarding, like this tough guy under a blanket, who is positioned strategically between his parents like a church camp counselor keeping two teens apart. Happy weekend, everyone!


23 Nov

For 1.5 more hours, it is my husband’s 28th birthday.  He’s not one for birthdays really, but I enjoy counting down the days, plotting gifts and dinner plans, and reminding him all day that he was, in fact, born on this blessed occasion.  I mean, we all get one special day that’s ours each year, so you gotta make the most of it.  To me, it’s a day to do what you want, not get nagged for leaving clutter on the kitchen counter (not that I would ever do that), eat some sweet goodness without guilt, and pretend not to love the shower of attention. Maybe that’s childish, but it’s just how I roll.

Anyway, he would never admit it, but I think my old boy really enjoyed his birthday today, which makes me feel victorious.  While at dinner with friends tonight, we were emphasizing the fact that he is 28…2 years from 30….7 years from 21….and the oldest of his circle of friends.  Twenty-eight does feel a little old- not like a mid-life crisis or anything, but it definately feels like an age where you should have your sh*t togeher, you know?

Well, maybe not.

Just as I was shutting off the lights and following him up to bed, I received a prank phone call from my now 28 year old husband…who was upstairs. Ironic? Yes. Wonderful proof that we will never really “grow up”, but instead will someday have our own children to embarrass with our shenanigans?  You bet.    

Happy Birthday, babe. I couldn’t ask for more.